Saves cost on building inhouse analyst team for performance analysis saving between € 7,500 to € 15,000 per month.

Provide quick insight and aid in decision making saving valuable management time.

Bring focus to key issues through the maze of data and Key Performance Indicators.

Strategy2tactics services provides you access to Subject matter experts and team of analysts to provide you with analytics model to answer business cases, business decisions and activities. Our Industry specific analytical models to evaluate business cases helps business in answering critical questions and facilitate decision making.


  • Provides Cost-benefit analysis on critical spending activities like acquisition marketing, launch of new product, entering into new markets.
  • Calculate incremental values of Big Events, One off media spends, sponsorships, CRM promotions and campaigns, launch of new games, change in pricing structure, adding new wallet and introducing a new content variant.
  • Track change in customer transactional behaviour due to change in bonus levels, introduction of loyalty programs or long term campaigns, conversion cycles, introduction of taxes, change in regulations, entry of new competitor, introduction of customer services or improvement in services and change in product interface.
  • Assess potential cannibalization or substitution effect on revenues due to change in deposit limits, transaction limits, increase in pricing, new game variants, new content variants, change in bonus plans (acquisition bonuses) etc


Business shares their program calendar which includes proposed spend plan, new launches, product releases and promotions schedule OR as and when required Business will fill the Adhoc Demand Form which captures the Objective, expectations and information about decision taken.

Demand will be picked up by our team of Analyst and Output will be shared within communicated ETA.


  • Customer Activity Model driven Business Planning Framework for Business Forecasting and Projections
  • Customer Value Economic Model for calculating Customer lifetime Value and Profitability
  • Spend Efficacy model – Multi Regression Logit Model for calculating impact of marketing spend and promotions
  • Customer Retention Grid: for sensitivity analysis impact of marketing promotions
  • Customer Value Segment Movements for calculating the impact of loyalty programs
  • Bonus (Reinvestment Rate) Inflection point for calculating the optimal bonus spend by customer segment group
  • Incremental Value Analysis for calculating the impact of big events and seasonality.