Saves cost on building inhouse analyst team for performance analysis saving between € 7,500 to € 15,000 per month.

Provide quick insight and aid in decision making saving valuable management time.

Bring focus to key issues through the maze of data and KPIs.

Performance Diagnostics Services are designed to facilitate informed decision making and increase business agility to act on developing issues and mitigate potential business risk which results in increasing revenue generation, preventing opportunity losses and increasing business margins.


  • Business needs regular view on changing revenue dynamics to improve decision making and to act on time.
  • What are the impact of underlying drivers and their interplay on Revenues
  • Highlights and concerns of last week’s performance in your specific area of responsibility are delivered to your email inbox
  • Drill down to identify how each marketing lever has positively or negatively affected NGR performance.
  • It Helps You Take The Right Decision To Grow Revenues



Stay prepared in advance on Revenue development challenges across Markets, Products, Channel and Sub product level and transform your decision making process by being updated through daily revenue review.

  • Report Market/Product/ Channel where Revenues are showing performance issues adjusted for seasonality
  • Create a Severity Alert based on persistence of issues based on persistence of Issue